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The Inaugural NACMA Awards 2012 forever changed the musical landscape of choral music in South Africa. Through the collective efforts of the KZN Provincial Government, NACMA Awards Foundation and the public at large, the Inaugural NACMA Awards 2012 showcased and celebrated the best of choral music from South Africa thus truly contributing immensely to Nation Building, Social Cohesion and the implementation of the NACMA Awards objectives and vision. The 2nd Annual NACMA Awards 2013 will be a continuation of a brand which aims to be innovative and growing with each passing year.

Our Vision
  • Celebrate & Promote excellence
  • Preserve choral music
  • Develop choral music
  • Honour and Award
  • Unearth hidden talent
  • Commercialise the genre
  • Professionalise the genre
  • Showcasing the genre
  • Mainstreaming the genre


National Choral Music Archivement (NACMA) Awards

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